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Salt of the Earth Press publishes books that inspire and encourage.

Salt of the Earth Press is an independent book publisher with headquarters in Northern Wisconsin. Our editors and other staff commute electronically.

Our mission is to enhance lives through the written word: inspiration, entertainment, education and enlightenment.

Our title list includes books on health and lifestyle issues, fiction and out of print books (lost knowledge).

We support The Green Press Initiative and voluntarily follow the Action Steps for Book Publishers as well as independently keeping abreast of ways to eliminate waste and reduce our environmental footprint.


We're very conservative with accepting new manuscripts for publication. If you have a story to tell but you aren't sure how to release it from your mind, how to get a character out of a jam, how to find a publisher, how to self-publish, how to create a cover, how to market, or really anything about writing or publishing, you can now talk to Lindy Casey, our main publisher, about your concerns on a limited phone call basis via appointment. The fee is $25 for one-half hour. Write down your questions beforehand! Access the appointment portal here.

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