Broken Water: A Midwife Story Paperback & Kindle – June 8, 2015

Available Formats: Paperback & Kindle

Carol leaves the depressed dust bowl of Kansas in 1932 to follow her husband's dream to work on the mighty Boulder Dam. Enduring heat, and primitive conditions, she perseveres until her husband dies, and she finds herself in the dangerous position of being unwelcome in the very town that is sheltering so many from the ravages of the Great Depression. Tim is an engineer, and has traveled from his family's comfortable home in New York to work on the new dam. Working long hours he is lonely, and invites the young woman to stay with him while she finds a way home. What is a young woman to do when she is miles from home, in a wild place where the population is mostly men, desperate men, during desperate times?

Self-Medicated Mayhen & Good Natured Debauchery Paperback – July 16, 2012

Available Formats: Print

When Mark Hunter signs on to be a roadie for a well known rock band, he isn't prepared for the adventures to come. Sharing his tales of sex, drugs and rock n' roll from the road, this Emmy award-winning technician invites you to join him. Tour with Mark Hunter as he travels on a voyage of self-discovery while crewing for a rock band. From his innocent introduction in the adventurous life of sex, drugs and rock n' roll, Hunter comes out the other side not unscathed but not destroyed, either.

The Crazies Kindle – July 5, 2016

Available Formats: Kindle

When World War II ended, it was supposed to be a time of prosperity and triumph as the troops came home and life returned to normal. This was what Brenda Franklin expected, with her easy life in the city and the prestige of being a doctor's wife. But her husband, Harry, came back haunted by the trauma of war and all the men he couldn't save. Instead of returning to the life they had before the war, there was only upheaval as Harry sought healing in the peace of the Crazy Mountains of Montana.

Revered by the Crow Nation, the mountains were a center of spiritual power and a sacred place for vision quests. Against this backdrop, Brenda struggles with her isolation, the demands of her new neighbors and serving as a rural midwife, and an ever widening chasm between herself and her husband. Here, Harry must face his demons once and for all.

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