Series: Sweet Town 30 Book Series by Sarah Christian

Set upon the vast Dakota Territory prairie in the late 1870s, these are stories of strong women with big dreams. Read about their exploits, their challenges. and their struggles with many of the same issues modern women deal with today. Racially diverse and powerful storylines. These aren't your grandmother's romance novels.

In the shadow of wild Deadwood sits quiet Sweet Town. Established in the Dakota Gold Rush of the 1870s, Sweet Town is surrounded by gentle hills and fields of clover. It’s a place where anyone can start over and redemption is never out of reach.

A Bride's Price 1 Rancher's Woman 11 Sweet Town Anthology: Short Stories
What Child Is This 2 Author's Muse 12 Lakota's Defender 21
Calling His Bluff 3 Orphan Lost 13 Deputy's Captive 22
Not Always Nice 4 Lawyer's Lady 14 Prairie Dawn 23
Preacher's Wife 5 Miner's Vow 15 Candle in the Window
Doctor's Midwife 6 Storm's Gift 16 Scottish Spirit 24
Carpenter's Rose 7 Lured to Paris 17 Three Weddings and a Murder 25
Silver Bells Cowboy's Harmony 18 Nature’s Autumn Decorations
Blacksmith's Christmas Bride 9 Highlander's Heart 19 Nut Gathering Party
Teacher's Pet 10 Empty Arms 20 All Hallow Eve

Series: Outlaws' Brides 7 Book Series by CM Stone and Sarah Christian

The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride series tells the intertwining stories of seven outlaws and the seven virtues they discover through love. Each book showcases one man and his journey in finding a woman who helps him heal.

Hope for Nolan O’Donoghue 1 Charity for Brandt Josefsson 5
Temperance for Doran O’Donoghue 2 Chastity for Cesar Iturbide 6
Verity for Brendan McGall 3

Faith for Ben Myers 7

Patience for Tomás Little Coyote 4  

Series: Sweet Haven, California: A Pacific Northwest Adventure 4 Book Series by Sarah Christian

The historical Pacific Northwest has never been so vibrant as it is in Sarah Christian’s Sweet Haven California series. Mixing the real history of the settlement of Humboldt Bay by European pioneers with fiction, the town of Sweet Haven is hailed as the Jewel of the Ultimate West, where the redwoods touch the sky and possibilities never end.

Sweet Haven romances tell the intertwining stories of the people of the Pacific Northwest who fall in love, fight for land and power, and establish dynasties that will outlast them all. Cowboys and mail order brides can be found here, but so too can lumberjacks, fishermen, and outlaws running from their pasts. Welcome to Sweet Haven.

Mail Order Bride On The Bay (0) Mail Order Memories of Christmas (2)
Mail Order Nurse In Hot Water (1) Mail Order Mayhem in the Hold (3)

Series: Midwife Stories 3 Books by Bronte' Stone
  Country Midwife

  Broken Water

  The Crazies

Other Fiction
Childre Underfoot

Children Underfoot

Sam Thompson is still recovering from a devastating factory accident when he moves in next door to widowed Sali Kelley and her 6 kids. From the beginning her wild children run rampant through Sam’s yard, his kitchen and even his life.

Her Hero's Salvation

Her Hero's Salvation

A dreamer and a hopeful author, Danielle Morton longs for romance and adventure to transform her ordinary life in San Diego. After witnessing the murder of a Marine Corps officer, she finds that ordinary life falling apart at the seams. Now it looks as though someone is trying to kill her, someone who can find her wherever she goes. Her only hope to survive is Special Agent Anthony Lloyd.



This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a song. Connie Toledano was set to enjoy summer with plenty of time in the pool and Vegas adventures with her best friend Frankie. Then at a concert a sound like nothing she's ever heard before works deep into her bones and things change. Frankie is creating fireballs with her mind and Connie is seeing things. Specifically, she's seeing out of the eyes of a werewolf named River.



In this children friendly adaptation of the classic tale, editor Grace Rhyn and illustrator Sidney H. Heath present Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, complete with Mustapha the magician and Princess Badroulbadour. Includes 32 illustrations.


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