How To Make Your Daydreams Come True  Kindle – January 18, 2023

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A Master Formula Six-point Program For Success - If you were offered three wishes right now that could and would be fulfilled through sheer magic by a fairy godmother, what would they be? Would they be wishes for success, money, travel, new clothes, a new car, a home, or to marry a handsome prince or a beautiful princess? All these things: your success in life, your bank account, a beautiful car, a home to be proud of, a wonderful mate, are proportional to your dreams... your daydreams! Here, at long last, is the practical, the workable Big Secret of how to transform your wishes, your desires, and your daydreams into realities — and this secret works as surely as if you had a magic wand in your own hand! Success Today Is Your Dream Of Yesterday

As A Man Thinketh & It Works Paperback & Kindle – January 23, 2010

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Two great classic self-help books together in one volume with liberating and inspirational quotes from the greatest thinkers in history. In As A Man Thinketh author James Allen writes that a man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts. It Works! was written anonymously by R.H.J. Where As A Man Thinketh tells you why, It Works! shows you how. "Do not let your worldly, incredulous objective mind keep you from more prosperity and happiness than you have dreamed of. Test the power of this baffling book that defies tradition and common thinking. Millions have tried the plan and they understand the truth that It does Work."

A World of Wisdom Paperback – August 15, 2007

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Grain-based, Low Animal Product, Whole Foods Recipes: Eating according to what is in season isn't a new idea, but it is one that is being proven to be based on a sound medical, ethical, environmental and scriptural foundation. From basic staples to scrumptious desserts, A World of Wisdom will take you through the seasons and show you how easy it is to follow the Word of Wisdom. 198 pages of seasonal, grain based, low animal products, whole foods recipes organized according to season. Includes a section on many ordinary and unusual grains with easy cooking directions.

The Way Of The Peaceful Birther Paperback & Kindle – July 11, 2010

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A Peaceful birth can take on many different faces. It can take place in the hospital, at a birth center, in a home, or even under a tree. And despite your plans during pregnancy, if the birth strays from those plans, you can still have a peaceful birth. New parents will walk away from the whole of their birthing experience empowered, happy, and content with the outcome, ready to jump into parenting with both feet.

Imagine Yourself Real Paperback – January 26, 2009

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Use the power of your mind to become the real you that's dying to get out. LaFetra guides you through 13 mental exercises in helping you create a new you. When you are done, you'll have changed more than just your trouble spots in your life; you will have released your true self to seek happiness and fulfillment.

Kick the Habit Paperback & Kindle – August 23, 2009

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“If you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day at $6.00 per pack, you spend $2,190.00 per year. If your habit has continued for a period of 20 years, you will spend an incredible $43,800.00! If you smoke two packs for that same period of time, you will spend $87,600.00! Just imagine what that would amount to if invested in a bank savings account at their miserly 2-1/2% interest.” Casey doesn’t bore you with endless facts about how injurious smoking is to your health. You already know it’s bad for you. Other than a brief overview of the risks, he goes on to outline his plan to become a non-smoker. And it works. Author Robert L. Casey studied many different philosophies and methods for seeking personal enlightenment and fulfillment. In Kick the Habit he applied these experiences in a plan for quitting smoking once and for all. You can become a non-smoker!

Make A List - Get Things Done Kindle – January 22, 2009

Available Formats: Print Kindle

In Make A List, Get Things Done, LaFetra walks the reader through the dynamics of making a list. This is a very short book but contains useful methods that will help you get things done. The philosophy of success attracting success as applied to list making, demonstrates that achieving goals is art form that will improve with practice. If you are a student of the Law of Attraction, this book will improve your skills in reaching your goals and having what you want.

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